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40 Explosive Ideas For Information Product Profits!

By Bret Forster / ProfitAvenue.com
Experiencing a bad case of writer’s block? Having trouble brain-storming your next information product? I’ve created this list of explosive ideas to help you crawl out of the depths of your writer’s block rut.
Idea #1. Checklists: Create a list of things to check for a particular process related to your business's topic. (Ex: a checklist for creating a profitable website.)
Idea #2. Templates: Design a template that will make a certain action easier for your target audience. (Ex: a template for writing a profit-producing ezines.)
Idea #3. Text Workbook: Publish a text format ebook so your audience can learn and practice a certain skill. (Ex: a text workbook for writing webpage ad copy.)
Idea #4. Offer Transcripts: Create an ebook of text transcripts of a related live event. It can be a seminar, speech, class, interview, etc.
Idea #5. Glossary Of Terms: Publish a web directory or ebook glossary of terms relating to your specific business industry or subject.
Idea #6. Advice Service: Offer a live chat room where you or your employees can give your visitors and customers advice on your e-business topic.
Idea #7. Free On-line Research Service: Offer a free service where you will search sites or information your visitors or customers are having trouble finding online.
Idea #8. Plans: Create ready-made plans for a particular project your target audience wants to accomplish. It could be marketing plans, landscape plans, etc.
Idea #9. Forms: Offer printable, ready-made forms your visitors or customers would use regularly. It could be legal forms, organizational forms, etc.
Idea #10. Email Reports: Publish quarterly e-mail reports that contains new research discoveries, surveys, and statistics about your related industry.
Idea #11. Consulting: Give your customers advice on topics related to your product or service. You can consult via e-mail, message board or chat room.
Idea #12. Viral eBooks: Compile related product information or instructions into an viral eBook. You could publish it in text, PDF, html or exe format and allow them to brand the eBook.
Idea #13. Customers’ Only Discussion Board: Make a place online for your customers to communicate about your business or similar information.
Idea #14. Email Newsletter: Publish an informative ezine that keeps your customers informed of important or helpful information related to their purchase.
Idea #15. Private Member’s Only Web Site: Give access to a private part of your web site were customers can find helpful information non-customers can't access.
Idea #16. Software Downloads: Allow your customers to download software that's similar to or compliments their main purchase.
Idea #17. Useful Online Utilities: Give customers a web utility that will make their life easier. It can be a calculator, graphic creator, web site submitter, etc.
Idea #18. Online Chat Room Classes: Teach your customers how to better use  your product or about a subject that relates to their purchase.
Idea #19. Online Video: Allow customers to download or view a related how-to video or informative seminar right over the internet.
Idea #20. Online Audio: Allow customers to download and listen to a recording of an expert that is being interviewed right over the internet.
Idea #21. Announcement Alerts: Give customers e-mail alerts about critical information or product releases before your non-customers find out about it.
Idea #22. Discounts: Allow your customers to get lower prices on your products and other related products other businesses sell.
Idea #23. Expert Conference Call-ins: Set up a date and time when your customers  can call up and talk directly with experts that are related to your industry.
Idea #24. Private Invitations: Give your customers private invitations to customer events that non-customers cannot attend.
Idea #25. Online Rolodex: Compile a list of websites or online contacts that are related to the product. You could publish it on the web.
Idea #26. Information Archive: Bundle together some older information that's no longer available. It could be ezine back issues, articles, transcripts, etc.
Idea #27. Mentoring Program: Give your customers unlimited consulting with their purchase. Allow them to contact you by e-mail, phone, fax, in person, etc.
Idea #28. Audio/Video Ezine: Give customers an upgraded version of your ezine in online audio or video format. Non-paying customers could only get it in e-mail.
Idea #29. Freebie Announce Board: Offer your customers a message board where they can announce freebies that they can offer from their web site.
Idea #30. Barter Discussion List: Offer your customers the option of joining a barter email discussion list. They can barter goods and services with others.
Idea #31. Offline Directory: Create an online directory of offline resources. You could include names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
Idea #32. eBook Of Reviews: Publish an ebook of stuff that's related to your target audience that you could review like products, web sites, movies, etc.
Idea #33. Round Table Chat: You could schedule a group chat of people your customers would want to meet and talk to on the Internet.
Idea #34. E-mail Intelligence Alerts: Allow your customers to sign up to an email alert list. You can alert them when you find out news that could affect their life.
Idea #35. Statistics eReport: You could compile a report of different statistics that's related to their purchase. It could be surveys, tests, special studies, etc.
Idea #36. Personal Notes eFile: Collect notes that you've taken about your industry and compile them into a downloadable file.
Idea #37. Profile eBook: Publish a profile ebook or report of people your target audience are interested in. You can list their birthdays, interests, age, hobbies, etc.
Idea #38. Email Lessons: Teach a class via e-mail about a subject your customers want to learn. Email them study materials, worksheets, assignments, etc.
Idea #39. Sample Of Another Product: Give customers a free sample of another product as a bonus. It could be a basic version, excerpt, limited service, etc.
Idea #40. To Do List or Instructions: Publish a list of instructions or things to do in order to accomplish a goal your customers would want to complete.
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