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Welcome to the ProfitAvenue.com Online Business Center!

Everything You Need To Develop A Full-time Internet Income Online with Internet Marketing, eBook Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Viral Marketing and other Online Marketing Techniques!

Bret Forster

Online Business Consultant and Internet Entrepreneur


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Now ANYONE Can Earn Huge Profits from the
ProfitAvenue.com Online Business Center with Our New ProfitAvenue.com Virtual Profits Affiliate System...

Friday, 1230 p.m.
Re: Becoming a ProfitAvenue.com Virtual Profits Affiliate!

New Affiliate Program Re-Opening Soon!

Dear Online Business Entrepreneur:

Many of our customers have requested that we start an affiliate program...

...so we now have one available.

That's right, now you can profit from the ProfitAvenue.com Web Profits Center! You will
earn a whopping 60% commission on over 50 of the hottest digital products online.

Everything is taken care of for you. We will take care of all of the processing of orders and you will receive payment by PayPal twice monthly!

To help you build a very profitable business on the Web, We have worked with a leading online affiliate company to offer you these turn-key tools which you can start using only moments after you join the ProfitAvenue.com Virtual Profits Affiliate System.

Our Reliable In-House Affiliate Program…

>>> Great for beginner and advanced affiliates!

>>> Complete on-line tracking! View your stats in real-time. You can view your daily, monthly, and annual stats anytime you like!

>>> Unlimited Link and Ad tracking with the option to track expenses also.

>>> You earn 60% commission on over 50 digital products!


Here’s a partial list of some of the digital products you can sell…

Internet Business Basics! - (You Earn a $40.20 Commission)

Viral eBook Brainstorm! - (You earn a $28.20 Commission)

Products in the Rough Vol. 1! - (You earn a $28.20 Commission)

Products in the Rough Vol. 2! - (You earn a $28.20 Commission)

Other People's Info! - (You Earn a $16.20 Commission)


and many other in-demand digital products...

(Note: All Commissions listed above are before PayPal fees are charged.)

>>> You’re paid by PayPal twice monthly (the 1st and 15th of the month) If you don't have a PayPal account yet, click here to sign-up for your free account

>>> You get your own website URL just like this one to submit to search engines, bring prospects to and to automatically make sales from.

>>> You get a secure order form to take orders over the internet for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

>>> You get access to our instant credit card processing and "thank you" email which is sent out only moments after your new customers order.

>>> You get an instant way to start earning immediate profits using our turn-key remote control system with our complete setup and support.


So, how can you join?


Joining our Free affiliate program is easy!...

New Affiliate Program Re-Opening Soon!

Note: By clicking the above link and signing up for our affiliate program, you signify that you have read and understood our Affiliate Agreement. Any "spamming" or sending of unsolicited email will result in immediate cancellation of your account. And you cannot purchase products through your own affiliate link (this steals money from the affiliate who referred you).

To Your Future Success!

Bret Forster

Forster Technologies

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Virtual Profits Affiliate System!

Earn a whopping 60% commission on over 50 high-demand digital products!

You get your own URL to promote!

Unlimited Tracking Links to track your Ads! (and Ad Expenses too!)

You can get started immediately!

24 Hour / 7 Days a week credit card payment processing!

You Get Paid by PayPal twice monthly!

Coming Soon!



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