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Wednesday 12:47pm
From: Bret Forster / Forster Technologies

Dear Friend,

Today is a very special day for you and for me.

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What exactly am I talking about?

You've surely seen the huge eBook craze that has hit the net like a storm.

You can buy an eBook on nearly any subject and they are extremely easy to find just by typing in a few keywords into Google's search engine.

There are literally hundreds of people making a killing selling their specialized knowledge on the Internet in the form of an eBook!

Do you think that it's impossible for you too to cash in on this booming trend and make a nice monthly income from it?

It's not...

Why Specialized Information Is So Easy To Sell In A Crowded Marketplace...

Chances are that you have purchased an eBook of some kind.

It may have been in Adobe format or HTML format or any of a dozen other formats but it was surely an eBook.

Why did you buy it?

Because you wanted information on a certain subject and you didn't want to have to search through thousands of web pages to get it.

The truth is, the Internet used to be called "The Information Super Highway" and that was because you could get almost any kind of information you wanted for free.

Unfortunately, now the Internet is widely commercial in nature and when you click links it is usually only part of what you're looking for while you have to go searching for a needle in a haystack to find what you need.

An eBook will come in and help you because it puts all of the information you want into one central location where you can access it without searching or wondering about how good the information it.

This is why....

Super Specialized Knowledge Websites And Internet Marketing Is A Hot Market, And There Are Millions Of Buyers Online Right Now!

You may be wondering how people can make a killing selling selling specialized information covering just one small aspect of something and make a fortune doing it.

The truth is, when someone wants something they want it quickly and they don't want a bunch of extra information getting in the way.

For example, if someone wanted to find out more about setting up auto responders to create back end income for their business, they wouldn't want a huge encyclopedia on eMail marketing in general.

The nature of an Internet customer is they want exactly what they are looking for and nothing else and they want it right now, instantly.

You have to offer precise information at a justifiable price and deliver it fast because the Internet customer mind set is always moving and thinking fast.

People love precise information that they can view right away...

You might be thinking writing is hard but...

You're Going To Learn The Easy Way To Writing That Will Make Writing Not Only Fun But Fulfilling!

I know that the biggest obstacle in writing an effective eBook is the actual "writing" part.

You can literally spend thousands of hours on a single book trying to write it and get it just right for publishing.

While this has been the case in most situations, it absolutely doesn't have to be.

There is a system for churning out quality books that you can sell for big money in very little time, much less time than you ever thought possible.

There are also secret planning tricks that form your book automatically and make writing a book extremely easy.

Writing doesn't have to be a huge task and with the right set of tools can actually be fun and fulfilling.

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"If You Really Don't Want To Write, I'll Show You My Outsourcing Secrets That Will Get You eBook Written Fast & Cheap"

I realize that you may not want to write at all and may be thinking "If I have to write a whole book, count me out".

If you don't want to write, you're in luck because there are literally thousands of writers out there starving for work that will do it for you and amazingly affordable prices!

All you have to do if find a writer that's looking for work and you can wipe your hands clean of the writing task completely.

You can make a quick outline to show them so they know what you want or you can just get on the phone with them and explain it to them.

Then you just need to read the book and make sure it's what you want and if not, you'll submit some changes which they will also do!

This is a great way to free yourself from the daunting task of writing so you can focus on other things.

But you also need sales of your new book when it's finished and...

You're Even Going To Learn All Of My Tested, Proven Tricks For Making Your eBook An Internet Wide Best Seller!

After you've got your book done, you need to start making money by selling copies of it right?

Of course!

I'm going to show you my exact step-by-step system for marketing your eBook on the Internet for maximum profit with a minimum investment of your time.

Nothing is left out here, in fact, I'm going to cover everything from setting up an effective sales page and auto responders for maximum conversion on your new eBook.

Nothing is left to chance or left out, everything is covered in detail and very easy to follow.

You're going to learn tons of ways to generate website visitors by the truck load to your website and convert them into paying customers.

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eBook Creation Secrets is a new eBook that covers EVERY aspect of creating, selling and marketing your own highly successful eBook.

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What's Inside?

This is the exact information that has taken me years of trial and error to perfect.

It's all insider information from the trenches of online business that leaves nothing up in the air for you.

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You know, I fought with this one for a while and actually planned on releasing a scaled down version of this course as a "lead product" at a low price to get people to later purchase this full course at several hundred dollars.

After all, there is no system online that teaches you everything from A to Z about creating and eBook, a site to sell it, how to outsource or write yourself, how to get traffic...

You get the point, it's a complete system.

But I've decided to actually give you the entire course for the cost of what the lead product was going to be.

I know, you're thinking "why would you do something like that and lose money?"

I actually see it as setting myself up to make a good friend and maybe in the future you will purchase another related product from me.

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It's a total win, win situation.

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