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With the Ezine Resource Guide you'll have INSTANT ACCESS to 218 useful resources to aid you in publishing and profiting from your own email newsletter.

This handy directory is your own ROLODEX of newsletter resources, categorically indexed for your ease in finding exactly what you are looking for as an ezine publisher.


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 218 Free and Low-Cost Resources
for Ezine Publishers (like YOU!)...

From the computer of Jimmy D. Brown and Bret Forster
Friday, 2:30 p.m.
Re: Your Ready-Made Database of Ezine Resources

Dear Ezine Publisher:

Let me make your life as an ezine publisher easier. (And earn you some extra income in the process :o)

I've asked Laurie Rogers (who is an absolute resource pack-rat and can't bear the thought of deleting any link from her bookmarks!) to put together a resource guide especially for folks just like yourself.

And she has assembled one of the most complete resource guides available anywhere on the subject of publishing an email newsletter.

In the Ezine Resource Guide, you'll discover things like...

  • An all-in-one submission page for quick and easy access to the top 37 ezine directories.  With this handy submission page, you can strategically submit your ezine, description and subscribe details to the top FREE directories online.
  • 19 hot spots for obtaining FREE ezine content for any newsletter.  You'll have a ready-made database of thousands of high-quality articles you can publish inyour own newsletter.  HINT:  And if you write articles yourself, you can add your own material to these databases and allow other publishers to publish YOUR materials!
  • 16 content lists that regularly send you the latest articles from well known publishers, allowing you to provide your readers with fresh, up-to-the-minute articles.
  • 10 secret sources for building your subscriber lists through classified ad swaps.  Instantly access hundreds of publishers ready to trade ads with YOU.
  • 6 simple ways to swap advertising space via email -- increase your subscribers as much as 300%.
  • 9 great resources for selling out your ad space in each of your issues.  Not selling enough classified ads for your ezine?  Don't worry, these great resources will sell the ads for you!
  • A little-known service that allows you to launch your own affiliate program for your email list to gain even more subscribers!
  • Numerous distribution resources (software, servers, and systems) for automatic publishing of your newsletter, including 5 100% FREE services!
  • 5 superior resources sites that *really* increase your subscriber numbers with TARGETED readers no matter what subject your ezine focuses on.
  • 13 high-profile sites that will build your opt-in newsletter list at NO COST TO YOU.  I have *literally* been able to see thousands of extra subscribers come from these services!  (And you can too -- I GUARANTEE IT)
  • 28 newsletter announcement lists that will post ads promoting YOUR ezine for FREE.  NOTE: Many of them will allow you to resubmit your ezine on a regular basis.
  • Dozens of sites designed especially to boost your ezine subscribers and give you more exposure -- without spending a penny!
  • Much, much more -- just too much to list here!

50 of the top ezine publishers
spill their guts for YOU...

In addition to the resources, my good friend Dirk Dupon has graciously allowed us to include INTERVIEWS that he conducted with 50 of the top ezine publishers online.  Included in the Ezine Resource Guide are interviews with publishers such as...

    • Jimmy D. Brown, from "Advantage Marketing Strategies"
    • Dirk Dupon, from "SmartPromotion Newsletter"
    • Phil Wiley, from "All The Secrets"
    • Paul Hancox, from "The Mouthpiece"
    • Eva Almeida, from "eBooks N' Bytes Informer"
    • Harmony Major, from "Straight From the Horse's Mouth"
    • Chayden A. Bates, from "The Effect!"
    • Shelley Lowery, from "Etips"
    • Frank Garon, from "InternetCash PlanetGram"
    • Kerri Reeves, from "A1 Home Business News"
    • Harvey Segal, from "SuperTips Ezine"
    • Marc & Terry Goldman, from "The Marketers Resource Weekly"

These and 38 more high-profile ezine publishers answer such questions as...

    • In your opinion, what are the best tools to grow your list?
    • Describe an average business day.  Which tasks do you do first, and which take up the most time?
    • What tools do you use to make your publishing life easier?
    • Do you think ezine lists need a web site?  Why?
    • What was the most important thing you learned since you started publishing on the Internet?
    • If you could start all over, would you do it again, and what would you NEVER do again?
    • What is the best advice you would give to someone who just started publishing an ezine list?

Tap into the publishing experience of the top publishers as they share quick tips on ezine publishing.

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this information, you'll
PROFIT from it yourself!...

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Bret Forster

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