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**Attention**    Plug 'n Promote Your Ezine, Product, eBook, Favorite Affiliate Program and much more with Eye-Popping Popups!...

Fifteen Professionally Designed, Ready-Made
Popup Window Templates You Can Use NOW!

Just "Plug" YOUR Information Into the Templates and Upload Them to Your Website -- In just Minutes...

Every Order Placed Today Receives FREE CASE STUDIES AND INTERVIEWS from Terry Dean, Phil Wiley, Wes Blaylock, Armand Morin, Andrew Fox and other top web marketers!

From the Computer of Jimmy D. Brown
Wednesday, 2:15 P.M.
Re:  Profitable Popups for YOU

Dear Friend,

Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, you just can't deny that popup windows produce profits.

Everyone who's anyone knows that popup window marketing produces SIGNIFICANT results when used properly.  

Notice I said "used" and not "abused."  There is a difference.

Popup windows work, and work extraordinarily well.  IF you have the right offer, and the right presentation of your offer.

Most people don't.  

But you aren't going to be among them.  Eye-Popping Popups! is going to give YOU a unique opportunity to turbocharge your profits generated from popup windows.

 You've Got The Offer, I've Got The Popup
Window Template! Just Plug 'n Promote
-- Type In Your Info and Upload

With Eye-Popping Popups! you'll get fifteen professionally designed, ready-made popup window templates that you can quickly edit and upload to your own site.  

All you need to do is type in YOUR INFORMATION into the templates and then upload them to your website...

...and you're ready to go.

And these fifteen popup window templates aren't the same template in 15 different colors.  No - No - No!  These are fifteen DIFFERENT templates covering fifteen DIFFERENT topics and themes to be used for specific purposes.

  • Want to pull in more profits from an affiliate program?  We've got the popup window template to do just that.
  • Interested in giving away a free eBook?  Not a problem, just plug in the name and download link in one of these templates.
  • Trying to grab new subscribers for your newsletter?  Type in your info and upload the "ezine template."
  • Looking for new leads?  There's a template waiting for your inside this package.
  • Got an eCourse you want to give away?  Don't worry, we've got that base covered too.
  • Selling your own product?  Great, one of these "eye-popping" templates can help ya do just that!

Whatever you want to accomplish with popup window marketing, there's a template waiting for you inside this incredible package.

Just type in YOUR information, upload and start seeing results.

It just doesn't get any easier.

"Sounds great, but are they REALLY 'professionally designed' templates
that you are offering here?"

You betcha!  And just to show you that we're not kidding about that, I've taken a "picture" of one of the templates for you to take a look at below.  This is one that I've developed for giving away a free eBook.

This is a "screen shot" picture of what the actual template will look like at your website (of course, you'll include YOUR information)...

With each of them, all you need to do is change the wording to reflect YOUR offer and then upload the template to your site.  And you're done.  It's that easy.

Four Bonuses Await You When You Order Today...

As if these popup window templates weren't enough by themselves (go ahead and see how much a graphic designer would charge you to create ONE popup window template -- $100+ Ouch!), how about four bonuses?

Bonus One:  Ideas for Success.  
For EACH of the fifteen popup window templates included in this package, I've included some "ideas for success."  You'll find my own thoughts and recommendations for generating maximum profit from each of the templates.  Things like "how best to use them," "sneaky tips" and "do this for max results."

More than just a set of templates, you'll also receive expert advice on how best to use them to REALLY see the most profit and success from them as you possibly can.


Bonus Two:  Popup Window Code Generator.
In addition to the templates themselves, you'll also receive a free copy of my popup window tool and code generator.  The PW tool makes the popup window launch when a visitor arrives at your website.  And the PW code generator makes it easy for you to plug in details like the location of the popup window, how you want the window to "look" (toolbars, scrollbars, menubars, etc.) and the exact size of your popup windows.

Just a few clicks of the button and you'll have your popup windows ready to launch.  And -- even though a 5 year old could figure out how to use these tools -- I've included a complete, step-by-step tutorial (it's about 2 pages in length) to show you how to use the tools with ease.


Bonus Three:  Case Studies and Interviews.  You'll access EXCLUSIVE interviews and case studies that I've recently completed with Terry Dean, Phil Wiley, Wes Blaylock, Armand Morin, Andrew Fox and other top web marketers online.

In each of these interviews, these "gurus" share their popup window "secrets" for YOU to not only learn, but apply to your own marketing.  They'll tell you what works and what doesn't.

You'll discover some amazing ideas for using popup windows that you probably never thought about -- and will see first hand what makes a successful popup window marketing campaign.


Bonus Four:  MASTER Reprint Rights.  Can you believe it?  When you purchase Eye-Popping Popups you will also receive a 100% royalty-free MASTER reprint rights license to sell this incredible package!

That's right, when you order Eye-Popping Popups you can then SELL the package and keep every penny you earn.  Use the templates yourselve and sell the entire package to earn even more profits!  

And, since the package comes with MASTER reprint rights, you can authorize OTHERS to sell the package when they buy it from you!

You even get a ready-made webpage just like this one.

This is a $197.00 value in itself!


And it's all  yours for a ONE-TIME fee of only $19.97.

You Can't Lose With Our Guilt-Free
NO Risk Guarantee And Access to The
Eye-Popping Popups! package for only $19.97...

Our GUARANTEE: If Eye-Popping Popups! is not everything that I say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then I will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked.

That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.


Wishing you much success online,
Bret Forster

Forster Technologies



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