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      Profit Pulling Reports 2
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"11 Advanced Tactics For Report Publishers Who Want To Take It To The Next Level And Leave The Competition in The Dust"

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Wednesday, 12:33 P.M.
Re:  How YOU can take it to the next level...
by Jimmy D. Brown of ProfitsVaultMonthly.com

Dear eMarketer:

Thousands of folks (just like yourself) have obtained a copy of Profit Pulling Reports and have already begun to see the results from writing their own free report to give away.  Heck, you might even be one of them. :o)

Profit Pulling Reports  launched an onslaught of questions from excited report publishers, including...

"This is great!  How can I earn even more money?"
"Do you have any suggestions for 'advanced' report publishing?"
"How can I separate myself from other free reports?"

So, I decided to lay it all on the line.  I went back to the 'ol laptop and began pecking away all of my ideas for generating income from free reports.  You know, the stuff that I have never shared before.  And Profit Pulling Reports Volume 2 came to life.  Inside this new course, I share 11 "advanced" tactics for report publishers.

And, just to show you there isn't any fluff in these tactics, here is a look at the table of contents of Profit Pulling Reports Volume 2...

  • Advanced Tactic 01  ------> An Insider Trick For Earning Up To $24,000 Per Year In EXTRA Income From Your Free Reports! (NOTE: This is in ADDITION to the income generated from your affiliate links and product offers).
  • Advanced Tactic 02  ------> A Sure-Fire Method You Can Use For Generating Dozens Of New Monthly Accounts For Your Favorite Affiliate Program.
  • Advanced Tactic 03  ------> The 3 Keys To Success With Free Reports: Use Them To Unlock The Profit Door Within The Next 10 Days.
  • Advanced Tactic 04  ------> How To Turn Your Report Into A Bonafide Hot-Selling Information Product You Can SELL Online. (Learn How to Stop Giving Away Your Report And Start Selling It For Up To $97.00 A Pop!).
  • Advanced Tactic 05  ------> A Simple (But Powerful!) 5-Step System For Creating Your Own Infoproduct Empire With Free Reports To Bring You In Dozens Of GUARANTEED Monthly Commission Checks.
  • Advanced Tactic 06  ------> How to Get Up To 3200% MORE Requests For Your Free Report By Adding One Simple Thing.
  • Advanced Tactic 07  ------> How to use the power of joint venture marketing to generate thousands of extra prospects accessing your reports...it's free, it's fast and it can flat out pull in profits!
  • Advanced Tactic 08  ------> An easy way to turn your free report into an automated marketing machine that automatically blasts your ads and offers, contacts your leads, gets your content read and constantly keeps your name in front of prospects DAY AFTER DAY.
  • Advanced Tactic 09  ------> The Most Often Overlooked Report Tactic of Them All...And How Using This Secret Weapon Can Easily TRIPLE Your Responses!
  • Advanced Tactic 10  ------> 3 Sure-Fire Ideas For Selling Almost Anything with the Jimmy D. Brown "Report Installment Plan.
  • Advanced Tactic 11  ------> Selling More By Focusing Less...How to use Niche Marketing to Increase Your Leads, Sales and Profits.

As you can see, this is the "good stuff." :o)  You'll discover exactly what I mentioned above -- and much more!

And I only share what I KNOW works --- the techniques that I have *personally* used to generate tens of thousands of dollars in extra profits each year.  This isn't theory.  It is proven fact.  I've done these myself over and over.  And I continue to do them TODAY.

In fact, throughout Profit Pulling Reports Volume 2, I actually point you towards *real* examples of these tactics in action to show you how effective they really are when properly implemented.   Yep, you'll actually have case studies to examine as you make your way through the manual.

Profit Pulling Reports Volume 2 is for anyone wanting to learn...

  • How to pull in enormous backend profits by selling reprint rights licenses to your reports and allow other people to begin giving them away...plus 3 easy ways that you can get other people to shell out top-dollar for those licenses!
  • 3 incredible ways to earn more income from any affiliate program, reprint rights product, product your create yourself or virtually any offer available online!
  • 3 sure-fire ideas anyone can begin using in less than 30 minutes for automatically capturing the email addresses of more leads and prospects --- and how to use those email addresses to earn thousands of extra profits!
  • 2 ideas for turning free reports into products you can actually sell online as your very own information product and how to spiral that into an entire empire of products that bring in profits, increase your affiliate commissions and create automated income month after month.
  • Exactly what you need to include in your new information product, including the 7 "must-haves".  HINT:  Do this right and you'll set in motion an automated selling machine that will actively bring in more reprint rights license holders and more newsletter subscribers...you don't have to lift a finger!
  • How I pulled in an amazing 1600 requests for an existing report series in less than 48 hours by simply adding one more small thing to my webpage...and, more importantly, how you can use this technique to turbocharge your own downloads.  NOTE:  Less than 15 minutes of work and you're done!

These are just a few of the things you'll discover inside Profit Pulling Reports Volume 2.  But that's not all. We've put together a special bonus for you to access as well...

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Every order received today from this website will receive a 100% free 7-Day ecourse, "The Scientific, Mathematic, This-Is-What-Einstein-Would-Have-Done Approach To Earning Monthly Income On The Web!"  You'll receive 35 Pages of Rock-Solid Information written by one of the web's leading internet marketing "gurus", delivered one lesson per day.

The 7 daily lessons in this eCourse include...

  • Lesson 1 -----> How to Earn Both Immediate and Long-Term Profits in 3 Easy Steps That ANYONE Can Follow! 
  • Lesson 2 -----> The #1 Without Question, WORST Thing You Can Do Online That Will Cost You THOUSANDS Of Dollars In Profits This Year Alone. 
  • Lesson 3 ------> The 1 Rule That You MUST BREAK in Order to Find Real Success On The Internet? and How to Break it Beginning This Afternoon 
  • Lesson 4 ------> Ooops, You Forgot Something That is Absolutely Critical to Earning Profits on the Web! 
  • Lesson 5 ------> A 100% Fool-Proof, GUARANTEED Technique For Generating FULLY-AUTOMATED Multiple Streams of Income
  • Lesson 6 ------> A Ready-Made Recipe for Earning Exactly How Much Income You Want Each and Every Month of Your Life.
  • Lesson 7 ------> How to Put Automatic Follow-Up to Work For You to Pull in More Leads, Sales and Profits in *Literally* Less Than 15 Minutes of Work...for FREE! 

Inside the Profit Pulling Reports Volume 2 manual you will find a subscription email address.  Simply send any email to the address and you'll begin receiving the lessons immediately.  Yours free as a bonus for ordering today.  

Since you have reprint rights to this manual when you order, all of those who purchase the manual from you will ALSO be able to access this 7-day eCourse at no cost. The subscription  signup information for this eCourse is INSIDE the manual itself.

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Our GUARANTEE: If Profit Pulling Reports Volume 2 is not everything that I say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then I will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked.

That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.


Wishing you much success online,
Bret Forster

Forster Technologies



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