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From: Jimmy D. Brown and Bret Forster
Thursday, 12:03 PM

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Dear Internet Friend,

If you own a domain name, you may be "throwing away" money without even realizing it..

Let me explain.

One of the most critical things that I've learned from my own personal experience, and have seen repeatedly in the businesses of my customers is this:

Presentation of your offer is just
as important as the offer itself.

What that means is simply this: the appearance of your web site goes a long way towards convincing a potential customer to remove the "potential" part and actually become a customer.

Think of it this way. If you owned a "bricks and mortar" business and hired a salesman to go out and bring in new accounts for you, how would you want him dressed?

  • Would you want him to wear a suit and tie, have his hair combed, neatly shaved, smile on his face and a warm, outgoing personality?


  • Would you want him to go out with faded blue jeans, mustard stains all over his shirt, hair growing out his nose and ears, scowling and generally a pain in the backside?

Doesn't really compare, does it?

Unfortunately, many web sites look like the second salesman.

And sales are being lost because most folks just won't do business with someone who looks like they just walked in from the ditch.

Is it happening to you?

There simply isn't any reason to continue *trying* to do business online without a stunning, high octane, "Razor Sharp" webpage of your own!


"Razor Sharp Webpages"

10 Ready-Made HIGH OCTANE Web Page
templates that you can instantly download
and customize with your very own specific links, offers, banners, audio, text and more!

I've hired one of the top web designers in the world to custom design ten complete web page templates specifically for the Razor Sharp Webpages package.

I paid him big bucks so you don't have to!

Now anyone (hey, wake up, that means YOU! :-) can have a professional web page...

  • ...without paying outrageously high graphics and layout fees that a professional web designer would charge you! (as much as $1,000.00 or more!)

  • ...with absolutely ZERO experience in web design! Creating your own customized web page with these templates is as easy as typing in words on your keyboard!

  • ...without knowing a bit about HTML code! You don't need to be a programmer or hold some kind of degree in secret code to use these templates. In fact, you won't ever see the HTML side of it at all!

  • ...without spending a lot of wasted time and effort! You can get the job done in less than ten minutes from start to finish! You simply plug in YOUR information to your choice of these templates and -voila- you have a professionally designed web page!

How About A "Sneak Preview" To See Exactly What
The Razor Sharp Webpages Templates Look Like?

I'll let you be the judge here. To take a look at all ten of the web page templates that are included in this package, all you need to do is click on the thumbnails below.

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See what I mean?

These aren't "cheap" looking web designs that are found in those "other" collections!

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Using
Razor Sharp Webpages Today!

  • Better quality than other "cheap" web page templates. There are many other "collections" of web page templates out there -- and some of them are very good -- but the overwhelming majority of them are poorly designed "assembly line" templates. Go ahead and search at your favorite search engine and compare for yourself.

  • Better price than professional web designers. Instead of paying someone $100, $500 or even $1,000 to design a web page for you, here's your chance to get quality designs at budget-friendly prices.

  • Create an unlimited number of web pages. You can use these 10 templates to create as many different web pages at as many different web sites for as many different reasons as you can possibly think of. No ongoing royalties to pay, no "per use" fees and no limitations on how many times you use these templates.

  • Resell individual customized templates. If you offer hosting or customized web designing, feel free to create a custom-made web page for your clients with these templates and sell it to your own customer base. While you aren't authorized to resell this package of templates (or an individual template), you MAY custom design a site from these templates for resell.

  • Easily make any changes you want. These templates are compatible with any HTML editor that you are already familiar with. Just unzip the templates and you'll have an HTML page with graphics. Edit them with your favorite HTML software just like any other web page.

  • Cascading style sheets included. I recognize that many customers will want to use these templates for multiple pages at their site. I've included cascading style sheets with each of the designs. No extra charge!

  • Works on any web site. You may use these web page temlates at any domain of your choosing, they are 100% compatible with all web sites. Note: You can even use them as the design for your HTML compiled eBooks!

  • Both MAC and PC friendly. Both Macintosh and PC computer users are able to use these web templates as they are completely compatible with both operating systems.

  • Save more than 90% off the regular price if you order today. If you order today, you'll be able to save more than 90% off of the individual template price, literally getting TEN for the price of ONE!

  • 100% complete satisfaction money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with these templates for any reason, I will promptly issue a complete refund ... with no questions asked! You have a full 90 days in order to work with the templates and may request your money back at any time you choose.

Order Now and Instantly Download All
Ten Razor Sharp Webpages Templates...

The regular suggested price for these templates is $49.95 per template. (I encourage you to check out our competitors and you will see that this is a very fair and reasonable price per template!)

But, if you order today, you'll receive all ten of the web page templates shown above for less than the price of one of them!

That's right, for only $47.00, you can instantly download all ten professionally designed web page templates!

That's less than five bucks per template!

With my full 100% money back guarantee, there simply isn't a reason why you shouldn't give your web site a professional face lift today.

Here's to your new site!

All The Best,
Jimmy D. Brown and Bret Forster


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