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From the computer of Jimmy D. Brown
Monday, 11:28 A.M.
Re:  An Increase in YOUR Affiliate Commissions

Dear Affiliate Marketer:

Let's cut to the chase.  How would you like to see a significant increase in your affiliate commissions, regardless of what program you are promoting?

I'll take that question one step further.

How would you like to *literally* become a "super" affiliate and outsell other resellers in your affiliate program?

You've come to the right place.  Seriously.  You have. 

If you are here because you want to double, triple or even quadruple (or more!) your current affiliate income, then you've arrived at the right place.  It's time to exit the bus.  Get off the train.  Pull into the parking lot.

This is your stop.

What I want to share with you is how YOU can generate a substantial amount of income through affiliate programs even if...

>> You don't have a large mailing list.
>> You don't have a high-traffic website.
>> You don't have industry-wide influence.
>> You don't have a large advertising budget.
>> You don't have an influential network.

See,  here's the truth -- you don't need all of those things in order to significantly increase your affiliate commissions.  All you need is a simple game plan.  And that's what you'll find here.

If you want more than a couple
of  banners, a handful of classified
ads and an occasional rah-rah
speech, then read on...

You know, that's about the extent of most affiliate programs, isn't it?  They hand you a few banners that you are supposed to place on your website.  They give you a handful of classified ads that you are supposed to publish in an ezine.  And they offer an occasional pep talk to get you to do more promotion for them.

Only there's one glaring problem >> EVERY SINGLE AFFILIATE is issued those same set of "marketing materials."

Where's your advantage?

How can you compete?  Why should a customer order through you and not one of the thousands of other affiliates?

The guy with the large mailing list will do well with the ready-made ads.  The lady who has the high-traffic website will earn some nice commission checks with click-throughs on the banners.

But, what about you?

What about the average affiliate who earns less than $15.00  per affiliate check?

Where's your advantage?

You need something more than just the standard issue "marketing materials."  You need a way to separate yourself from other affiliates -- a way to create an advantage that forces folks to buy through YOUR affiliate link...

...and not through the thousands of competing affiliates.

And I'm here to show you how to do just that.

In Super Affiliate Strategies Volume 1, you'll discover...

v A proven, easy-to-setup, 4-step system that I personally *guarantee* will increase your affiliate commissions regardless of what affiliate program you are promoting!

That's right, I *guarantee* you will increase your affiliate commissions if you put this plan into action.  Everything is explained in an easy-to-understand language that anyone can apply to the affiliate program they are involved in.  And if you follow these instructions you have my personal guarantee that you will sell more affiliate product than you ever have before.

v How to use your advantage to *literally* force folks to purchase through your affiliate link instead of your competition!

You'll have immediate access to a formula that walks you through the exact process that I use to skyrocket my affiliate commissions.  You'll find out how to create an unfair advantage that is uniquely and exclusively YOURS (no one else will be able to promote an affiliate program like YOU will) that is so compelling that folks will choose your affiliate link over others.  NOTE:  While I don't condone this action, there have been many customers who I have seen request refunds from one affiliate in order to buy from another affiliate who is using this technique.  That's how powerful the formula is! Folks will WANT to order through you!

v 9 powerful and profitable ideas that will change the way you promote affiliate programs forever...and will change the amount of income you generate from this point on! 

Regardless of what program you are promoting, or your level of experience, you'll be able to use these ideas to increase you affiliate commissions by up to 857% -- (and maybe even more!)  You'll discover how to make any affiliate program product or service offer even more valuable to your potential customers and how to convince them to order exclusively through you!

v 40 Power-Packed pages of step-by-step instructions that you can begin using immediately upon downloading your copy of Super Affiliate Strategies. 

No sifting through countless pages of fluff to get to the good stuff. This manual is "short, sweet and to-the-point." 40 pages of nothing but the meat. Every page is filled with rock-solid content. Every page has a powerful idea. Every sentence is important. Everything is laid out in a detailed, easy-to-understand system that you really can begin using immediately.

I can tell you the truth here -- that's just the tip of the iceberg.  You'll discover this and much, much more...

Begin using the tactic that less than 1% of all affiliates in the world are using...

That's right -- very, very few affiliates are using the information you'll access in Super Affiliate Strategies Volume 1.  In fact, probably less than 1% of all of the affiliates in the world are putting this one into practice.

And that's why you'll have almost ZERO COMPETITION!

Chances are, there is NO ONE in the affiliate program you are promoting who is following this system.  Worst case scenario, there will only be a handful who have worked this to perfection.  The point being -- YOU now have the opportunity to sell more and earn more because of the information that you'll be accessing in Super Affiliate Strategies Volume 1...

...simply because you'll be one of the very few people who are creating this kind of advantage!

You'll learn it all, including...

  • How to sell more products or services for any affiliate program even if you don't have a large mailing list, high-traffic website, name recognition, or any of the other traditional advantages that super affiliates possess!
  • An easy system that *literally* anyone can use to promote any affiliate program and double, triple, or even quadruple (or more!) their current affiliate income.  One person has already seen an increase of 857% in their earnings!
  • The little known, seldom used tactic that only the "best of the best" have figured out for selling affiliate products and services.  They aren't sharing the secret -- but, I will! 
  • An offline marketing strategy that sharp salesmen have been using for years because it works like a charm -- you'll discover how to apply it to affiliate marketing and see your profits soar!
  • Hands down, THE best way to separate yourself from other affiliates and get customers to buy through you.  Hint:  All affiliates promote the exact same product at the exact same webpage at the exact same price -- but, there's a simple way to change all of that with the SAS system!
  • How I sold hundreds of copies of a 6 year-old eBook that is currently being offered for FREE in major traffic sites like the Warriors and Sitesell.  Even though tens of thousands of copies have already been sold and given away by others -- I used the strategy that is revealed in Super Affiliate Strategies Volume 1 to sell hundreds more copies myself!  You can apply this strategy to ANY product or service -- new, or old, regardless of how long it's been around or who's been promoting it before you!
  • 4 proven, universal steps that you can take in a matter of hours to create your own affiliate marketing machine -- and how to roll it out to use the same system for promoting dozens of different products and services!

It's hard to believe this incredible manual is only $19.97 with MASTER REPRINT RIGHTS.  The information inside is worth ten times that amount!  Because, you'll also discover...

  • How to use your things like, your ezine, your email address and your computer microphone as valuable tools in substantially increasing your commission checks!  You'll be surprised at some of the hidden affiliate marketing tools you've got at your disposal!
  • Dozens of case studies and ideas for implementing this strategy into your own affiliate marketing, including 9 hard-to-refuse ideas for building affiliate income!
  • How to absolutely turbocharge your monthly residual income by selling more of ANY monthly membership site!  You'll discover an irresistible way to get more members to join your favorite monthly membership site including:  hosting, eBook club, autoresponder, tracking, etc.  Learn how to pull in new members through your affiliate link and earn outrageous monthly commission checks!
  • The best way to spend money to promote your affiliate program -- nope, it has absolutely nothing to do with purchasing advertising!  Discover a type of promotion that few people ever even think of...that is guaranteed to bring in more affiliate sales!  I'll give you seven super ideas that you can use to apply this promotion secret to YOUR marketing!
  • How to put together creative incentive packages that compel folks to order the product or service you are promoting because they want to get their hands on your incentive at all costs!
  • The one thing you want to keep your eye out for that could result in thousands of dollars in extra commissions -- and how to use the SAS system to pull in those larger checks on a regular basis!
  • How to use tutorials, reports, articles, eBooks, audio files and videos to build your affiliate sales into an ever-growing stream of income!
  • How to create a free membership site that doubles your current affiliate income and -- at the same time -- pulls in commissions from multiple affiliate programs on the "backend".  Set this one up ONE-TIME and walk away from it -- profits will roll in automatically!

I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that it is impossible for you to fail if you follow the instructions inside Super Affiliate Strategies Volume 1.  This is cutting edge stuff that only a handful of sharp affiliates are actually using.

And you get the "full plan."  Not excerpts -- but the whole strategy.

I can assure you this >> IF (and that's completely up to YOU), you put the simple instructions inside Super Affiliate Strategies Volume 1 into practice, then I *guarantee* you will see a significant increase in the affiliate commissions you earn.

You Can't Lose With Our Guilt-Free NO Risk Guarantee And Access to The Super Affiliate Strategies package for only $19.97...

Our GUARANTEE: If Super Affiliate Strategies is not everything that I say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then I will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked.


Wishing you much success online,
Bret Forster

Forster Technologies


P.S. Right now you will have *very little* competition as few affiliates are using this strategy.  That WILL change soon.  As copies of this course get into circulation, your competition will begin using it.  Don't delay -- the time to act is NOW.  Before others do.



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