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From: Jimmy D. Brown
Friday, 11:48 p.m.
Re:  100% Free Viral Advertising Software
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Dear Entrepreneur:

Introducing Traffic Virus 3.0, the latest version of the web's first traffic generating software designed to launch your own viral advertising campaign.

How YOU Can Use Traffic Virus 3.0 to Generate a
Los Angeles Freeway Traffic Jam at Your Website

There are two ways that you can use Traffic Virus 3.0 to create a 24/7 flow of traffic to your site...

  1. By using the automated submission tools in the Traffic Virus submission wizard.
  2. By launching your own Viral Advertising campaign with your customized version of Traffic Virus to sell or give away as a traffic generator.  Recommended.

The Traffic Virus Submission Wizard includes a suite of 17 automated submission tools.  All are completely automated - meaning you simply complete ONE form and press ONE button to submit your ads.  And, they are 100% completely free to use.

Just a few of the things you will be able to do with these tools are...

  • Automatically blast your ad to an amazing 225,000 search engines, ffa link pages, directories, classified ad sites and message boards with one click of a button! 
  • Gain instant free submission to 2,439,000 directories with one click of the button.
  • Drive traffic to your website by completing one simple form which posts your FREE ad to 403 online message boards that accept advertising. 
  • Generate thousands of dollars in free publicity by submitting your free press release to hundreds of media contacts.
  • Harness the power of classified advertising by blasting your classified ad to the top 800 high-traffic classified ad sites.
  • Submit your website URL to the Top 30 Search Engines.
  • Generate unlimited free hits to your websites.  Set your browsers start page to a special url and start bringing traffic to your website automatically.
  • Unleash the power of viral advertising with 5 free traffic generating systems that can expose your ad to an amazing 500,000 people!

Additionally, you will have access to a wealth of marketing information to help you grow your internet business.  You'll discover things like...

  • 32 easy ways to breathe new life into any webpage.
  • 10 free resources that will improve the way you do business online.
  • 7 keys that every successful web business has in common that can practically guarantee your success.
  • How to generate an extra 200-400 hits a week to your website using Yahoo!  free classifieds.
  • 55 unique ideas for generating instant traffic to your website.
  • A ready-made list of thousands of individuals who are interested in promoting your website.

Traffic Virus 3.0 has unique features to the "Get Viral" program that have never been offered before! When you use the software to "Get Viral" you will be able to...

  • Access even more traffic-generating tools and programs. NEW: With TV 3.0 you can CUSTOMIZE all 10 of the traffic-generating tool links to include YOUR OWN personalized link that pulls in YOU traffic. Not only can you use the traffic-generating tools, but you can customize the software so that when OTHERS use them, YOU benefit too! See inside of the software for more details.
  • Launch your own multiple steams of income profit tool...without ever placing a single ad or promoting a single product. With TV3 you will be able to customize numerous affiliate links to product offers within the software. When anyone purchases a product via one of these links, YOU RECEIVE 50% COMMISSION. Setup your own automated profit generator with ONE click of the button! Details inside the software.
  • Place YOUR Sponsor Ad on EVERY page of the software. In previous versions of the software, you were able to include a 40-word ad of your choice (along with website link) on only the main entry page. With Traffic Virus 3.0 your ad is shown prominently at the top of EVERY page of the software. Check inside for more information.
  • Change your Sponsor Ad ANYTIME you want! A unique feature of TV3 is you may change your 40-word advertisement anytime you want. Want to promote a different program? No problem, just make a few quick changes and your ad is updated! Changing links? With TV3 you can do it in a matter of seconds. Change your sponsor ad as often as you like to promote different products and services of your choice! Details inside the software.
  • No waiting period on customizations! If you choose to "Get Viral" you can access the materials IMMEDIATELY. In the past there was a 48 hour waiting period for you can do it immediately after your purchase with no waiting period at all! Check inside the Traffic Virus 3.0 free software for details.
  • An opportunity to *really* skyrocket your profits. TV3 has a brand new opportunity available that allows YOU to sell customizations for $19.97 and keep all the profits! See inside the Traffic Virus software to learn more.
  • How to register as many domains as you want without spending a penny! You'll discover a free service that will actually register your domain names as NO COST to you!

Traffic Virus 3.0 comes with 100% royalty-free duplication rights.  You don't need to purchase a thing.  You can sell it or give it away as an incentive.  In fact, we will show you how to use this amazing free software to skyrocket your own business.  You will discover things like...

  • How to Produce a Guaranteed Monthly Income Using the Traffic Virus 3.0 to sell more of YOUR products and / or services. 
  • 5 Hot Reasons Why Traffic Virus 3.0 Can Increase Your Profits By as Much as 300% In Less Than 10 days. 
  • 4 Simple Ways Traffic Virus 3.0 Will Explode Your Internet Business....almost overnight! 
  • How to Use Traffic Virus 3.0 to Add 100's to Your Ezine Mailing List in just a few days. 
  • How Traffic Virus 3.0 Can Help You Out-sell Your Competition...even though you're selling the same items! 
  • How to Sell More of Your Product While RAISING Your Price...regardless of what you are selling by using Traffic Virus 3.0. 
  • A Secret Method for using Traffic Virus 3.0 to see a Sure-Fire Increase in Your Affiliate Sales. 
  • How to Automatically Generate More Traffic To Your Website using Traffic Virus 3.0

You can even use the webpage html - just like this one - to upload to your website.  Continue to give it away like I am, or make a few changes to the page and sell it for 100% of the profits.  It's up to you.

In Traffic Virus 3.0 you will have access to...

  • A 100% free affiliate tracking program to launch your own affiliate program.
    • Totally FREE affiliate tracking service that is full featured, fully functional and easy to use. 
    • It is web based and there is no download required. 
    • No Start up costs. 
    • No monthly or yearly fee. 
    • No commissions taken. 
    • A totally, 100% free affiliate tracking system that will enable you to get your affiliate program up and running immediately at no cost. 
    • Multi-Payment Options: Pay-per-Click, Pay-per-Lead and Pay-per-Sale options are all available.
  • Ad-free autoresponders to automate your advertising and skyrocket your follow-up sales.
    • Instant, reliable delivery  ( Under 30 seconds )
    • Unlimited FREE autoresponders per customer
    • Unlimited message length
    • Unlimited message changes via you Users Console whenever you like
    • Set up is easy and quick with full instructions available via email or online manual
    • Very EASY to use Control Panel with built in Help Features
    • Log in - Determines the length of time the log in is active
    • Log out - To ensure security of your session
    • Change password
    • Set various response emails
    • Modify autoresponder messages
    • Send a cold message to all active people
    • Manually delete an email from the database
    • Manually add an email to the system
    • Export email list
    • Import an email list
    • Set up demographics data
    • Set up appropriate headers and footers
    • Set up auto remove choices
    • Design a web based sign up form / thank you page
    • Email personalization on/off
  • A unique online graphics generator tool to create your own killer website graphics.
    • Easy-to-use tool
    • Create your own logos
    • Create your own buttons
    • Create your own bullets
    • Create other customized graphics for use on your website.
  • Cutting edge website templates - just plug in your information and you've got an instant website.
    • Choose from a wide variety of template styles.  
    • In addition to webpage templates, you can also create your own interfaces, buttons, banners and backgrounds instantly.
  • 3 incredible webmaster tools to give you an unfair advantage over your competition.
    • Visibility Analyzer:  Have trouble keeping track of where your web sites rank in the search engines? How about trying to keep track of those rankings under a ton of different key words and phrases? Visibility Analyzer is a full featured Windows tool to help you track down and keep track of all of your keywords and phrases on all of the major search engines. It's a powerful tool and it's FREE.
    • Word Market: Wonder which keywords and key phrases get the most action on the search engines? Ever think that people might be searching using words that you aren't listed under and not finding your site at all? What you need is a program that will keep searching the web for those elusive keywords and letting you know how frequently they are used in real-world searches. What you need is Word Market. And it's best feature is its price - Free.
    • GIF Runner:  Tired of searching all over the Web for Gif's that match your needs? Relief is in sight! Gif Runner will do the searching for you - everywhere. Just enter a subject and turn the Runner lose. As always - it's Free.
  • Step-by-step webpage builder tutorials that walk you through every step of creating killer websites.
    • How Frames Are Used For Web Site Layout
    • Internal And External Links
    • Basic HTML Tags Usage
    • Creating HTML Web
    • Introduction To The HTML Tutorial Series
    • A Brief Overview Of HTML Tags
    • Giving A Title To Your Web Page
    • Saving Your Document As A Web Page
    • Adding Text To Your Web Page
    • Separating Your Sentences With Line Breaks
    • Placing Headings On Your Web Page
    • Grouping Text Into Paragraphs
    • Creating A Bulleted List
    • Adding Sub-Lists Underneath List Items
    • Setting The Alignment Of Text
    • Adding A Horizontal Rule
    • Changing The Appearance Of Horizontal Rules
    • Changing The Style Of Your Text
    • Using Different Fonts
    • Changing The Size Of Your Font and more.
  • Free web promotion software to promote any web business.
    • Whether you use this software to submit your URL to 800 search engines and directories or start your own submission service as a back-end product, this submission wizard software is for you.  
    • It's easy-to-use interface makes submission a breeze.
  • Thousands of free discussion boards to generate even more traffic.
    • Discussion boards are an excellent way of generating extra traffic to your website.  In addition to meeting new partners for joint ventures, building a reputation, learning answers to questions you have and offering help to those in need, most forums allow you to either post a signature file or a link to your website, with every post you make to the discussion. 
  • A 100% free online marketing toolbox full of goodies for the web marketer.
    • Free marketing plan
    • Create doorway pages for free
    • Link swap
    • URL submission and more.

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